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POWER Bail Fund - Lehigh Valley

Our Mission

The POWER Bail Fund - Lehigh Valley is a non-profit community organization dedicated to freeing our community members from jail in Lehigh and Northampton Counties and ending the practice of Cash Bail in Pennsylvania.

Our Partners

How the Bail Fund Works

The POWER Bail Fund (PBF) is a revolving community bail fund, which is pool money to pay bail for residents of Lehigh County or Northampton, Pennsylvania. As their cases are resolved, the bail paid by PBF is returned back to the Fund, and these funds can then be used to help other defendants in need.

The POWER Bail Fund is funded primarily by donor contributions. If you would like to donate to help us, please go to our donate page to donate online or send a donation by check.

Who Gets Our Help?

The POWER Bail Fund (PBF) will use the following factors to evaluate whether we will assist someone who applies for our help paying bail:
  • Inability to pay bail required, including lack of access to family or community resources;
  • Amount of bail to be paid;
  • Existing support system, such as a family member or case manager who has committed to providing assistance making court dates and/or other forms of support;
  • Risk of victimization in the jail, including but not limited to: gender identity and expression (namely transgender, gender non-conforming or LGBQI people), people with disabilities, and youth or elder status;
  • Special health needs such as pregnancy, chronic medical conditions, HIV-positive status, or ongoing mental health treatment;
  • Dependents or other family members who may be harmed by applicant's detention, including risk of custody loss;
  • Immigration status and potential immigration consequences of a criminal conviction;
  • Referral through or connection to established partner organization or public defender;
  • Anticipated impact of detention on applicant's employment, housing, educational attainment, and/or custodial rights;
  • Position in relation to structural violence, community disinvestment, systemic racism, survival, and resistance;
  • Willingness to assist with raising money to cover any anticipated court costs, fines, or fees that will not be refunded to the bail fund; and
  • No existing detainer.

Lehigh Valley - It's Time to End Mass Incarceration

Location: http://bail.ppjr.org/
Last Updated: 7/27/2019
Created: July 20, 2019